Why IQ ?

IQ - distinctly different

Since its inception, the IQ Group has set out to challenge the established norms, and provide a new dynamic within our markets.

This is evidenced by:

  • Our unique embrace of mutual principles within parts of our business
  • The way in which we have created the UK’s first people and organisational certification company, with supporting activities
  • The unique way in which we have incorporated technology into our offering
  • Our network of international joint ventures and distributors.

IQ Values

IQ Group operation is underpinned by a series of distinct and clear values:

  • Quality: The value in a certification brand is determined by the integrity of its operation. For IQ to be of value to our customers, it must uphold the standards which it assesses, and where those standards are developed by IQ group companies, they must be relevant to employers. We do not work with organisations that do not share this commitment.
  • Customer service: IQ strives to provide excellence in customer service, with an informed, friendly and responsive service for customers and partners.
  • Value: IQ is committed to providing the best value. The mutual parts of our business allow us to share financial success with our customers and suppliers.
  • Partnership: IQ welcomes and promotes long term partnership. We recognise the value that is brought to our business by our customers and suppliers and we are committed to sharing success and recognising the added value of such partnerships over the long term. Working with trade and professional bodies, as well as leading employers, we ensure that what we do remains responsive to the needs of our customers.

Benefits to Industry

Assurance as regard quality of training and skilling of candidates.IQ will provide a platform to bridge the gap between industry requirements and the education being imparted by mapping of courses and curriculum to industry requirements. Skill cards will better reflect employability as compared to simple grades on completion of a course and thus make it easier for the Industry to choose talent.

Benefits to Universities, Colleges and Training Institutes

IQ certification would ensure quality & credibility of training imparted by an Institution. It would help build the brand name of the Institution in the international arena and would assist the Institution to render courses in tune with industry requirements, duly certified by a third party external verification team. The Institution will be able to bring in synergy with industry requirements making their students more sought after. The Institution would be accredited to IQ and in-turn be in compliance with the stringent international standards in the field of education. This would further establish the confidence of wards to send their children to your esteemed institution.

The Institution will be able to provide its students better prospects as regards further studies in UK as well as employability.

Benefits to Students /Trainees

IQ Certification will attach credibility to the qualifications held by a candidate. IQ Certification will assure quality training and better the prospects of employability, not only in India but also abroad.

IQ Skill cards will better reflect the capabilities of candidates and would also help employers decide on employment. The candidates will have a large list of up-to-date courses approved and accepted by Industry to choose from.

IQ Certification would open opportunities for seamless facilitation of students and instructors into UK Universities and colleges for pursuing further studies. The successful completion of requisite IAM modules/ courses, will give the candidate the right to use appropriate suffixes in front of their names, such as AInstAM, MInstAM, FinstAM, etc. Membership of the IAM will provide candidates with access to other members worldwide and a platform to share information.

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