IQ - An International Presence

IQ is developing a significant presence for all aspects of its work outside of the UK. IQ qualifications are being used in the Middle East, India, ASEAN region and Africa. IAM members come from around the globe, and IQ Verify is also developing an operational profile internationally.

Our objective is to provide international and local organisations access to the same high quality business development support services offered by the IQ group in the UK, and work to support the creation and/ or implementation of both International and National standards.

The IQ International Network

IQ operates through a network of international joint ventures and quality assured distributors, as well as working directly with assessment centres and organisations who wish to engage with IQ in the UK.

Joint Ventures and Distribution

IQ Arabia and IQ India are joint venture companies covering the Gulf Co- operation Council area and Indian sub-continent respectively. Our joint venture companies provide:

  • IQ qualifications that have been developed in the UK
  • IQ qualifications that have been written or adapted for the local environment, and often in the local language
  • Assessment to ISO and National Standards for which IQ Verify has approval
  • Access to the IQ Resources network

The IQ International Approach

There are four principal drivers to IQ operation:

  • International standards need to be upheld
  • Where we can, local standards need to be relevant to the local environment and rigorously upheld
  • Try and localise delivery to help ensure that we are locally responsive and understand local custom and practice
  • Wherever possible, IQ pricing should reflect local market conditions.

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