India is one of the fastest developing and growing nations in the world with a sizeable populace of intelligent youth that are looking for better employability prospects in India and across the world.

In alignment with this thought and the Prime Minister’s vision to 'Skill India' and 'Make in India', we have brought to India, one of the UK’s fastest growing, recognised and regulated awarding organisation, the Industry Qualifications.

IQ plans on being a platform to bridge the gap between industry requirements and the education being imparted by mapping of courses and curriculum to industry requirements. The quality of training and skilling of candidates will be ensured by the additional layer of external verification. In addition, qualifications from the Institute of Administrative Management, one of UK’s first Administrative Management Institute, brings one hundred years of experience to India.

Why International Certification?

Why Certify?

The overall aim of certifying is to ensure quality, international standards acceptable across industry / sector and build credibility & confidence in the education / skilling being imparted.

What is a Certificates Value?

The value of certification can best be ascertained by the degree of confidence and trust that it evokes, established by an impartial and competent demonstration of fulfillment of specified requirements by an external third-party. An International Certification embodies the above mentioned hallmarks of a certificate and in addition brings the certification at par with internationally recognized and accepted standards, by both the respective industry and countries, which in turn helps build reputation along with recognition as well as betters prospects of employability. As such many benefits may be accrued at numerous levels, from the Nation to an Individual.

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